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Adventures in Tawashi Land

I've continued to make more Tawashis. I got some variegated Red Heart SuperSaver at WalMart in some bright colors to make the spiral pattern. They are fun and easy to do. A woman who is part of the animal rescue group I volunteer with mentioned a couple of weeks ago that she and a friend used to get crocheted scrubbies from someone but that they couldn't get them from that source any more. I took a bunch I'd made on Saturday to our pet adoption event and she bought 3 to send to her friend. She said the ones she used to get were rougher so I've been searching for some scratchier yarn.

There's the kind used for plastic canvas but it comes in much smaller skeins so it would be more expensive to use. I thought about getting craft yarn in bulk from Dick Blick art supplies or a school supply place but their colors aren't that great and are all solids, as far as I can tell. So I'm still thinking about that idea.

I searched online and found a post on some crochet site about "tensil" yarn. One person posted a link to an eBay seller to find this yarn, but it was a dead link and googling for this fiber was another dead end. I couldn't find a single yarn seller who has tensil yarn.

I asked on Tawashi Town, a Ravelry group I recently joined, but the only response so far suggests plastic canvas yarn.

I had bought some netting at WalMart last week and figured I'd finally cut it into strips and try out a pattern I'd found online. Thelma, my foster English Cocker Spaniel, tried to help when I got on the floor to cut the tulle, but otherwise, cutting it into 2 inch strips with my rotary cutter was easy. The pattern recommends a size I hook, but I opted for a J. First, I did the pattern, using an I hook, in yarn, just so I'd know how it was supposed to work before trying it with the netting. I was glad I did. It's sort of a sphere shape, starting with 11 double crochets into a ring made of a beginning chain of 4, with a chain 4 after joining the ring making the first dc. I thinkk this shape would make a good Tawashi in yarn too -- since it comes out round and can be flattened or stuffed when finished. (I got a pattern book from Annie's Attic and some of the round-ish Tawashis in it call for making a tube that's in a couple of cases, 20 plus inches, and then rolled or folded into shape, which seems excedssive to me. So this shape would work better for a couple of the ideas from that book, in particular, the Oreo cookie Tawashi.) The pattern calls for making dcs into the spaces between the previous round's stitches, which is good to do with the tulle as it's tricky to find the spot to insert the hook otherwise. I also just knotted the ends of strips together instead of using the method to join strips the pattern suggests.

I'm happy with my finished product. The picture looks as though there are lumps sticking up in a couple of spots but they aren't as noticible in person. They are caused by a knot where I joined strips. Next time, I'll make sure they end up on the inside. I'm going to do the dishes with this one and will report on how it does.

Tonight, I bought more netting at WalMart, this time in green, yellow and black. I also have some red here. I posted the project on my Ravelry account and shared the pic with the Tawashi Town group.

I think when I start selling these I'll package two yarn ones with a net one.

Here are pics of both sides of my completed scrubbie:

Front, or top side (where I started crocheting):
Tulle Tawashi top

Back, or bottom:
Tulle Tawashi bottom

Here's the pattern by Pat Linn: http://www.knitwits-heaven.com/pat.htm


I've been crocheting a lot lately

It all started when I made some ruffle scarves for our local Trek/SF con, Farpoint, then did a scarf and hat for a friend's birthday present. Since then, I've been crocheting more than I have in years and having a great time searching the web for patterns and video tutorials.

I also joined Ravelry and just uploaded some of my projects there, which is fun, though time consuming.

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I've finally started an LJ for my crafty obsessions. Here is where I'll be showing off my projects, posting tutorials, and discussing crafting and other artistic stuff. More to come soon!



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